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Sweet Oblivion
Sweet Oblivion
Thursday, 7 April 2005
La la la...
Mood:  hungry
Now Playing: The Boy With the Thorn in his Side...
Ah, so the weather in Cork is totally schizophrenic at the moment - raining heavily one minute, sun splitting the stones the next!
I should really be working on an essay that's due at the end of the month, and now that our computer at home is finally fixed, looks like I can start as soon as I get my ass in gear!
Next week I'll have a Go!Team interview on the show, Ian P, the lead guy in the band, was really nice so hopefully it'll be interesting listening!
anywho, I don't have much news, I got home from Freakscene at 3am this morning and was up early for work, so I'm pretty tired...!!

aoife b.

Posted by sweet-oblivion at 3:48 PM BST
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Tuesday, 22 March 2005
weezer come to Ireland - finally!
Mood:  happy
Now Playing: Rival Schools - United by Fate
ah....rediscovering new albums ROCKS! I found my copy of Rival Schools' United by Fate, and here I am listening to it for the second time in a row, wishing it would never end! it brings me back to four summers ago and the great time i had at Witnness, when I got to see them live.

speaking of live - Weezer are FINALLY coming to Ireland! I really, really, really want to see them live - even though I've heard so- so reports on their live performances...but come on, I've listened to them for years and I'd just love to see them live! =W=!

I haven't been able to 'blog' for ages because my computer at home is broken and I haven't really been on the net much at college, unfortunately! it's great to have the time to update my website.

I have to say a big thanks to the guys managing the Cruiscin lan, who're now giving me pairs of tickets to give away on my show, which is just brilliant!

tune in tomorrow for the Go! Team interview and free tickets to be won!


Posted by sweet-oblivion at 3:19 PM GMT
Updated: Tuesday, 22 March 2005 3:20 PM GMT
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Wednesday, 9 February 2005
Today's Show (Feb 9th)
Mood:  hug me
So here I am, dossing instead of working once again...I must stop this for lent...actually, I haven't given up something for lent since I was about ten. I also have never successfully given up anything for lent...I always had the best intentions but I always broke the 'fast'. Thank god I'm not a smoker/heavy drinker and my real vice is chocolate!
Today's show went well, I think. A good few people texted in, including the fabulously monikered Bar Mar Superstar, and requested some good music. It's great when people text in, you feel like the show's actually getting out there to people, that they're enjoying it. I'm liking the Willy Mason song more and's great! Hopefully his new album will get sent into us.
I'm judging the Battle of the Bands tonight - I had a bad experience judging the UCC singer-songwriter competition last year, being the only judge left alone to fend off the non-winners (I feel bad saying losers), which was annoying and very frustrating. Hopefully we will only have to pick one winner this time (there are only four bands), so it won't be too bad. As far as I know, I don't know anyone in the bands either which is definitely a bonus.

whoops, forgot I was writing this and went onto other sites...gotta dash!!

Posted by sweet-oblivion at 3:57 PM GMT
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Monday, 7 February 2005
blah blah blah
Mood:  irritated today got off to a good start and then really slumped in the middle - let's hope it gets better!! I've been listening to the Bright Eyes album all weekend, and my sister confirmed its difference to the rest of Bright Eye's stuff by asking me 'why are you listening to country music?'. so there ya rules, indeed. I ordered a 'George Washington' sandwich in Gusto and asked for no mayo and no cucumber...and when I got to college realised that it appeared to have both in it!! quel pain in the ass. seeing as I am broke - totally, utterly and completely broke - spending a fiver on the wrong sandwich pissed me off, so then I moped around annoying Cormac for a while and then left my friends to go on the net. being a recluse just isn't fun, but I had to disconnect for a while. I got confirmation that a certain DJ I am a huge fan of would like to be interviewed by me for my thesis, which has made the day go that little (ok, huge) bit better!
ok, better go study...

Posted by sweet-oblivion at 4:16 PM GMT
Updated: Monday, 7 February 2005 4:17 PM GMT
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Friday, 4 February 2005
Bright Eyes
Mood:  bright
Now Playing: Bright eyes - Poison Oak
So I delved into my almost empty bank account and forked out for a copy of Bright Eyes' new album, I'm Wide Awake It's Morning...and I don't really regret it, to be honest! Conor Oberst brought in Jim James (My Morning Jacket) and Emmylou Harris (legend) to play on the album,and the results, as you would expect, are fantastic! it's much more acoustic guitar based record, no sign of the keyboards he used on his previous two albums. it's got a great country feel to it and he doesn't tend to ramble on half as much as he does on the other albums. Plus, although the first track follows his trend of having monologue-orientated openers, it turns into a fantastic song. bizarre monologue though. the final song appears to be an anti-war tune, which is great, but I have to examine the lyrics of the other tracks to see if they are too.

anywho. I have to finish that article. and then work tonight..and tomorrow...and sunday!! argh!


Posted by sweet-oblivion at 2:37 PM GMT
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Wednesday, 2 February 2005
Now Playing: The Chalets - Sexy Mistake
Topic: article...
so I've just been asked to write an article on Campus Radio for the UCC Express - this is it, my chance to finally get the station a REPUTABLE image in the paper (up to this, it's usually random writers saying horrible stuff about how crap we are, although we have been winning awards recently which has gotten us some great press) and also, hopefully get us some new listeners in the process. I think I'm going to go from the 'campus radio is a different kind of station' angle - i.e, it's not Red Fm or 2Fm, it's totally different in format and content, and the students decide what they want to do on their shows, plus the people 'in charge' are in touch with what's going on and have loads of input aswell.
I'll have to mention Sweet Oblivion of course, fingers crossed I'll get a listener or two!

Have to get some hi-res pics from Catriona tomorrow and a few quotes from her...


off home in the dark I go!


Posted by sweet-oblivion at 6:25 PM GMT
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February 2nd
Mood:  not sure
Now Playing: Willy Mason - Oxygen
Topic: Sweet Oblivion
Ok, I decided that my website just doesn't have enough room on it for me to blabber on about my show, so I joined all those coolers in America and decided to create my own blog! My boyfriend Cormac thinks it's hilarious I'm such a 'net nerd' when I'm the former Arts student and he's the BIS (think computers and business) tech nerd!

I figure it's easier for me to blab on about the show, etc, here where there's more room, plus I can add anything else I feel like sharing with you...whoever you are!

Stay tuned...



Posted by sweet-oblivion at 2:50 PM GMT
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